“Els Gínjols” is located in the Emporda-Costa Brava area while in the middle of the La Pera valley. The area is very rich in history, art, architecture, gastronomy, sports and other activities.

A bit of history…
The Emporda takes its name from the Greek Emporion, meaning market, and later from the Latin Emporiae. The Empuries area is only 18 km away and you deserve a visit to the site including the old Greek harbor and the Museu d’Arqueologia de Catalunya. Later, the capital was moved to St. Marti d’Empuries which right now is a beautiful little village and after it moved again to Castello d’Empuries, a magnificent medieval village with a splendid cathedral of the county of Empuries that definitely deserves a visit.

Very close to “Els Gínjols” there are several magnificent medieval villages such as: Madremanya, St. Martí Vell, La Pera y Púbol, the latter known worldwide for its Museum and the castle that Salvador Dalí gave his wife Gala; Pubol is a part of the Dali-triangle together with the Dalí Museum in Figueres and the village of Port-Lligat where Dalí had his residence for many years. A few minutes away, we find the little hamlet of Pedrinyà with its XIth Century beautiful shrine, its frescoes being kept in the Museu d’Art de Girona. Another worthwhile visit is to the hamlet of Riuras that still keeps a 2,000 year old Roman road, or Millas with its 500 year old castle. Once you start visiting these places, it will only enhance your interest to get to know many others in the area, such as the village of Monells with its beautiful arched plaza, or Cruilles with its towers as well as the village of Peratallada built over rock. Pals is another important village in the area, known for its beauty and variety together with its architectural patrimony. After meandering its narrow streets you end up on the “Josep Pla” terrace overlooking the whole Emporda up to the sea and the Medes islands.

Towards the Mediterranean we find the large and sandy Pals beaches, famous for its dunes and scarce vegetation, they reach the mouth of the Ter river up to the Estartit, a town right in front of the Medes islands which are a protected area. Yet, the real essence of the Costa Brava is to be found in the small and beautiful coves near Begur.